Portable Apps for your USB Stick (for Mac and Win)

APPS | USB Stick

This stuff can be installed on any portable drive  (USB thumbdrive, PDA or an iPod). You can use them at work, school, or any other place where you can plugin your device. Check them out, you can either scroll-down for relevant category – office software, email tools, messengers, games, graphics viewers . While there are more apps for windows users (and MAC).  All free.

Portable Office Software

  • Abiword [Win (6.3 mb) / Mac (9.5 mb)] – word processor (compatible with Microsoft word)
  • OpenOffice [Win (65 mb) / Mac (127 mb)] – free alternative to Microsoft Office (fully compatible with Microsoft Office docs)
  • PDF Viewers: Sumatra [Win (1.1 mb) ], Foxit PDF Reader [Win, (1.8 mb) ]
  • Notepad ++ – feature-rich Notepad replacement.

Portable Email/Calendar/ToDo Programs

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